Some residents “of a certain age” will remember the scene at Weymouth Railway Station on Summer Saturdays when hordes of young lads descended to meet arriving passengers with the offer to carry their luggage to hotels and guest houses using often home built luggage trolleys - some of which doubled up as go carts.

It was a practice which dated back to early post war years.

In July 1957 matters came to a head when police took the names of those who had turned up, and they were warned that they might be committing an offence as children under 16 years of age could not be employed in street trading.

The boys did not charge but relied on tipping.

Taxi drivers also warned of the possibility of collisions, although it could be argued that they were complaining about competition.

The South Dorset Education Executive sent a circular to schools to discourage pupils from taking part in the practice.

In the photo above you can see a number of those affected take part in a protest outside County Hall in Dorchester.