VILLAGERS are calling for a pedestrian crossing and speed limits to be reduced before a "tragedy" happens on a busy road which runs through their community.

The Jurassic Coast Road (B3157), a popular tourist route between Bridport and Weymouth, does not have a single pedestrian crossing.

Among the communities calling for a crossing is Burton Bradstock where villagers are also concerned about speeding and general road safety. The main part of the village has a 30mph limit however at the eastern end past the Texaco garage it goes up to 40mph and past Beach Road it turns to 50mph.

Lisanne Mealing, Chair of Burton Bradstock Parish Council, has written to Dorset Council with "extreme concerns" raised by the parish council about speeding and the ability for pedestrians to cross the main road through the village safely.

Outside the petrol station in the village there is a dropped kerb adjoining a footpath where villagers cross to access the shop - however this is not a crossing and is instead the section of the road where the speed limit changes from 30mph to 40mph.

Dorset Echo: B3157 at the Texaco petrol stationB3157 at the Texaco petrol station (Image: Tom Lawrence)

Parish councillors have spoken to residents and found "widespread concern" about road safety in the village.

In particular, concern was raised about pupils from Burton Bradstock school facing "unacceptable dangers" when attempting to cross the B3157, including to gain access to the beach on school trips.

Cllr Mealing wrote: "There is a widespread fear that without these changes, we face an ongoing and unacceptable risk of serious injuries or deaths along this stretch of the road from collisions between motor vehicles and pedestrians, including schoolchildren. We need a safe crossing point for the schoolchildren in particular."

Dorset Echo: Bob Ward and Lisanne Mealing in Burton BradstockBob Ward and Lisanne Mealing in Burton Bradstock (Image: Tom Lawrence)

Cllr Mealing said a second area of extreme concern was a "lack of compliance" with the 30mph speed limit along the stretch of the B3157 at Barr Lane.

She wrote: "The Community Speedwatch team has recorded, on numerous occasions, motor vehicles travelling well above 30 mph as they enter the village, including along a stretch of road where pedestrians frequently cross to reach a footpath to the Freshwater Beach Holiday Park."

A survey by the parish council of 178 households in the village found that 74 per cent of residents were generally concerned about the speed of vehicles along the main road.

Of these, 66 per cent would like speed limits to be reduced to 20mph for at least part of the village.

The councillors are also calling for the speed limit to be changed to extend the 30mph zone to Beach Road, where many schoolchildren cross to reach Hive Beach.

Cllr Bob Ward, vice chair of Burton Bradstock Parish Council said: "There is no crossing anywhere in the village.

"The road through the village is 30mph and then 40mph past the petrol garage.

"It is in the 40mph zone where most residents choose to cross.

"We conducted a survey as a parish council and have found widespread concern about the speed of cars through the village.

"If there isn't any urgent action it is only an amount of time before there is a tragedy.

"The whole stretch of road seems to be used as a racetrack for motorcyclists who brag about how quickly they can get from one end to the other.

"You only need one careless driver who cannot stop in time if someone steps out in front of them.

"There is a long history of asking for improvement on our roads, we won't take no for an answer this time."

Dorset Council was contacted for comment.