A U-turn could be made on the decision to demolish a beloved Lyme Regis landmark.

As previously reported, the future of Lyme Regis landmark the Chinese pavilion, in Langmoor Gardens, is under threat after Lyme Regis Town Council voted to demolish the ‘cherished’ structure.

The decision was made to remove it due to abuse by yobs - particularly 'drunkenness, signs of drug taking, and the urinating and defecation in public, at times during the day.'

However a bid is to be made to reverse the decision.

Supporters say it's a 'treasured piece of the town's character', offering people a place to sit and take in the breath-taking views across Lyme Regis, its beaches and the Cobb.

A motion, to be considered at a full council meeting on Wednesday, March 27,  proposes that the council ‘consider disposing of the decision to remove the gazebo in the Langmoor Gardens.’

It is understood the motion was drawn up after councillors were made aware of the major opposition to the decision to demolish - and a petition signed by more than 1,200 people.

Town Clerk John Wright said: “I can confirm the requisite number of members have supported a special motion to allow the council to consider disposing of the decision to remove the gazebo in the Langmoor Gardens.

“This motion will be considered at an extraordinary Full Council meeting on Wednesday, March 27.”

This has come as extremely positive news to local resident Janette Edmonds who has spearheaded a petition to save the pavilion.

On Wednesday, Janette was set to present her petition to a Lyme Regis Town Council meeting.

She said: “I wrote to all of the councillors asking for a rescission - we needed six to say yes and we got eight. The councillors are very engaged with us and it’s proving to be a very positive experience.

“We want to make the most out of the pavilion and gardens, we are not all the way there yet, but we are in a much better position.”

At the time of writing, the change.org petition to save the landmark has received 1,281 signatures of a 1,500 target.

Local resident John Parris was also upset about the prospect that the site could be demolished.

He said: “A lot of people didn’t seem to know anything about the (council) decision.

“They are knocking it down because of misuse which is disgusting so they are getting rid of the problem that way.

“I have worked for the council in the evenings for the last two summers and my last job of the day was locking the lavatories.

"I suggested at the time why don’t they put up gates (at the pavilion) and I would lock them as well, but instead they took all the windows out, and the people that use the pavilion put cling film up to keep warm.”