Lighting around a busy Weymouth roundabout has finally been restored.

Streetlights surrounding Wessex Roundabout and nearby roads have not been working at night for a few weeks.

This has meant that the roundabout was plunged into darkness during the night.

A nearby resident said: “I was walking down there the other night, and I couldn’t really see, it was very strange.”

It has since been revealed that the nature of this issue was an ‘underground fault on a cable belonging to SSE.

A spokesperson for Dorset Council said: “This was an underground fault on a cable belonging to SSE Networks, which impacted most of the lights around the roundabout and some on the approaching roads.

“SSE was informed of their fault straight away by our street lighting service provider, Enerveo, as a high priority and SSE fixed it all a few days ago.

“Enerveo confirmed the lights were all back in operation on the night of Monday, March 18.”

There is no legislation which suggests that the council have to illuminate the roundabout, however they do follow the British Standard BS5489, which is a guidance document.

The spokesperson added: "There is no legislation as such. We follow British Standard BS5489, which is a guidance document rather than legislation.