The newly elected members of Youth Parliament for Dorset have been announced following a ceremony held at County Hall.

Congratulations were given to Tom Clifton and Tamzin Caves, who were chosen by young people in Dorset to represent them.

The announcement was made on Wednesday, March 13.

Tom will act as the lead representative for Dorset at Youth Parliament and Tamzin will act as deputy, with both having the opportunity to work across their chosen campaigns over the coming two years.

Dorset’s representatives at Youth Parliament represent Dorset on a regional and national basis, helping to engage young people in politics, democracy, and citizenship.

In partnership with Dorset Youth Council, they deliver a #YouthVoice manifesto to improve the lives of young people.

This year a total of ten candidates stood for election, with 18 Dorset schools and colleges participating in the elections.

After weeks of campaigning, an impressive 9,303 votes were placed.

The candidates' manifestos ranged from ending period poverty, reducing litter and the impact it has on the environment, and many candidates spoke about the importance of inclusion and the additional mental health support needed for young people.

Tom Clifton, Dorset’s newly elected Member of Youth Parliament, said: “Thank you to everyone involved in the election and to everyone who voted. I will be following through on everything I promised and look forward to representing Dorset’s young people.”

Tamzin Caves, Dorset’s newly elected Deputy Member of Youth Parliament, said: “Thank you to everyone who voted and had their say. I would also like to congratulate all the other candidates who put themselves forward, as each of their chosen campaigns were equally important.”

Theresa Leavy, Dorset Council’s Executive Director for Children Services, said: “Many congratulations to newly elected Members of Youth Parliament, Tom and Tamzin. I have every confidence that you will go on to do wonderful things in your time representing the young people of Dorset.

"All the candidates who put themselves forward are extraordinary and they have all shown great commitment to their chosen campaigns. 

"The variety, depth and understanding of their campaigns has been incredibly impressive, and although there could only be two winners, none of these causes will go forgotten.”

Dorset Council's Youth Voice team work with young people across Dorset, providing lots of opportunities for young people to get involved, share their experiences, and take part in fun and engaging activities throughout the year.

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