THE Duchy of Cornwall says it will still have a presence in Poundbury after its completion, despite admitting to downsizing.

 Jason Bowerman, the Duchy’s estate development manager for Poundbury, addressed members of the Poundbury Resident's Association about updates to the development.

He said: “We anticipate the work will be completed probably sometime around 2028."

In the meeting, Mr Bowerman drew upon the high walkability score of the development, and admitted that anticipating residents would not have cars in rural Dorset was ‘unrealistic.’

According to the development manager, the retirement homes at the north east quadrant of the area remain to be started, although he said that C.G. Fry and Morrish builders will complete the north west quadrant by 2028 featuring commercial units.

He added that they will reduce their presence in the community following the completion of the development.

“One or two have suggested that the Duchy will disappear over a cloud when the development has finished but we will still have a presence,” Mr Bowerman said.

Part of this is to retain property owned by the Duchy, as well as other stipulations and land owned in Dorchester and the surrounding area.

However, Mr Bowerman confirmed that a ‘smaller team’ will be on site as they will not need media representation.

He also said that the office ‘may or may not be’ based at the farmhouse in Poundbury in the future, but added that there will still be a Duchy presence.

Mr Bowerman also revealed that the area is exceeding its expectations for employment. A survey was carried out which found that there were 250 businesses in the development and 2,725 people in jobs be that part time and full time. The expectation from a economic impact report predicted that 1,750 would be in work.

The Duchy worker was speaking at a recent Poundbury Resident’s Association Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, March 20 and took questions from the public on things that matter to them.

Mr Bowerman agreed to the hopes of former resident’s association chair Simon Standish in them acting as a conduit for the people of Poundbury to raise their issues with the Duchy.