Another wonderful photo of Weymouth's miniature railway puts a smile on our collective faces.

This gorgeous colour photo was shared with us by Stuart Morris, and it shows the popular attraction, which was on the west side of Radipole Lake, in 1965.

Mr Morris, a Portland historian, said: "Note how open the lake is."

Indeed the lake in 1965 looks very open compared to how it appears today, with much development around it. 

The short stretch of track was very well cared for - Simon Dunn remembers: "My late dad used to weed and maintain the track in the 1950s."

David Prout remembers: "My dad used to drive coaches for Macklins operating out of Sherborne.

"I've been on that train many times. Dad always recommended his favourite cafe and fish and chip shop to the passengers.

"He would take a crowd of them, flash his driver's badge and out the back for a free slap up dinner including his family."

Dorset Echo: Weymouth's miniature railway in the 1950s Weymouth's miniature railway in the 1950s (Image: NQ)

This earlier picture of the mini railway was taken in the early 1950s and you can actually see two railway lines in the picture, the railway viaduct carrying the line to Portland, and the main focus of the picture - the miniature railway.

Terry Maine recalls: “I rode on this many times,” while Julia says: “I loved that little train! Brings back lovely memories.”

“I remember that train well,” Mike O’Connor says.

Graham Horne writes: “I seem to remember it started at the Radipole fair ground when I was a kid, used to go all round Radipole. They ruined Weymouth when they put the new roads in.”

Riding the little train would be a family affair for Carolyn Leach, who remembers: “My Dad was one of the drivers I have good memories of sitting behind him.”

The picture brings back ‘happy memories’ for Angie Winter and Gillian Palmer and we hope it brought back some joyful memories for some of you.

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