Organisations, landowners, and farmers gathered last month to create a new plan to protect and restore nature in Dorset.

Dorset Council is preparing a new local nature recovery plan, shaped by discussions at events with local farm businesses, landowners, and members of the Dorset Local Nature Partnership (LNP).

This new council plan for nature, which is being supported by BCP Council and Natural England, is funded by Defra and will show where action is needed to improve, protect and grow areas for wildlife across the county.

Over 245 people attended the events, where they had the opportunity to learn more about nature recovery, how they can support it, and the projects already being delivered in the county.

Dorset Echo: Farmers, landowners, and their advisors meet for a specific event focused on making the Local

 During the sessions, attendees also had the chance to input into the plan and hear more about the funding available to help deliver it locally.

Bridget Betts, Dorset Council’s Environment Policy and Partnership manager, said: “The Local Nature Recovery Strategy presents an exciting opportunity for Dorset’s residents, communities, and organisations to set shared priorities for nature locally.

“These recent events proved to be a great forum for people working in and around our natural landscapes to share knowledge, experience, and ideas on how we can protect and restore nature.”

More information on the development of Dorset’s Local Nature Recovery Strategy and future opportunities to help shape it can be found on the Dorset Council website: