Heavy rain, thunder, lighting  and hail has been seen across parts of the county in a day of wet weather.

A number of short bursts of hail were present across Dorset this afternoon (Wednesday, March 27) in between prolonged periods of rain.

The rain started in the early hours of the morning and has been at a constant throughout the day, with pockets of heavy rain seen throughout the day.

Around 4mm of rain per hour passed over the Weymouth area at 8am, with around 16 to 32 mm reported further north around rural Dorchester.

Another heavy bout of rain was recorded by the Met Office around 11.50am, which again saw parts of the county experience rain at 16 to 32 mm per hour.

The worst of the wet weather was recorded around 2.45pm, where parts of the county saw more than 32mm of rain per hour fall.

Dorset Echo: The weather map showed rainfall in mm per hour, with more than 32 mm seen across the county during 5pm. 

Around 6pm, thunder and lightning was also seen in areas of Weymouth and further north.

This precedes a wind warning that will be in place across the county from 7am tomorrow (Thursday, March 27) that will be in place until 6pm that evening.

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