Trains running between Weymouth and Bournemouth could be cancelled as a result of predicted severe weather.

Storm Nelson has brought major winds and rain to Dorset, meaning that for safety reasons, trains along the South Western Railway (SWR) network have to run at reduced speeds.

Train services running to and from these stations may be cancelled, delayed or revised if weather worsens and disruption is expected until the end of the day.

From 12pm-6pm a speed restriction of 50mph will be in place between Weymouth and Bournemouth in both directions.

A spokesperson for SWR said: “These speed restrictions have been put in place to protect passengers and to allow drivers extra time to see and react to potential obstructions on the track. However, as a result of these restrictions, trains will be delayed or revised at short notice

“High winds can increase the risk of falling trees and of possible debris being blown on to the railway. As a precaution, the following speed restrictions will be implemented across our network.

“For further information or onward travel advice please speak to a member of staff or use a station help point. We are very sorry for any delay that this may cause to your journey.”