A NURSING home has been selected as the recipient of a generous Easter bounty.

Signature House, in Brewery Square, Dorchester was chosen to receive 44 Easter eggs thanks to kind shoppers and staff at Tesco supermarket in Dorchester.

Natalie, a community champion at Tesco Dorchester, shared the exciting news with the nursing home.

The initiative involved Tesco staff members casting their votes to select a deserving organisation, with Signature House emerging as the clear choice.

Shoppers played a vital role by generously donating during their routine shopping trips.

Their contributions were instrumental in making the heart-warming Easter gift possible.

The Easter egg treats will be distributed to residents, adding an extra sprinkle of joy to their Easter celebrations.

A Signature House spokesman said: "We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Tesco Dorchester, its dedicated staff, and customers for their unwavering support and generosity.

"Such acts of kindness reaffirm the strong bonds within our community."