A couple of rubbish bins along Weymouth seafront have been wrapped in red and white tape – marking them as out of use.

Both bins are adjacent to each other along the stretch of the Esplanade near to Greenhill.

Although these bins are emptied by Dorset Council, their upkeep is the responsibility of Weymouth Town Council who have confirmed the reason that the bins have been taped up.

A spokesperson for Weymouth Town Council said: “We have ordered some replacements as two have reached the end of their life and are currently out of action.

“The replacement bins will be installed as soon as they’re delivered and there are a number of bins in this location providing a number of points to dispose of litter responsibly.”

Littering – particularly during the summer months is a large problem in Weymouth particularly with items like plastic beach toys that don’t get disposed of correctly.

Dave Taylor, co-founder of Weymouth and Portland Marine Litter Project said: “There are hundreds of bits of broken plastics washing up, it comes from things like plastic beach toys and buckets and spades which get left on the beach and then get washed out to sea and come back all broken up.”