There are multiple flood warnings in place after rain and high winds battered Dorset yesterday.

Storm Nelson blew in causing chaos across the county on Thursday, March 28 and the Environment Agency has said that flooding is to be expected in low lying areas close to many of Dorset's rivers. 

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River levels are rising on the River Frome due to heavy rainfall as well as the River Asker, Mangerton River, the River Bride, Upper Stour, and the River Lodden. 

Areas most at risk include: 

  • Dorchester, West Stafford, Bockhampton, Lewell, Tincleton, Pallington, Waddock, Moreton, Wool and East Stoke.
  •  Askerswell, Uploders, Yondover and Loders; properties and roads in upper reach villages, West Milton, Powerstock, Askerswell, Uploders, Yondover and Loders around the railway bridge.
  •  Bridelands and Lower Farm in Long Bredy, Bride Valley Nursery in Litton Cheney, Water Lane Fish Farm in Swyre and Freshwater Beach Holiday Park.
  • Bridge Close in Gillingham.
  • Casterbridge Trading Estate, London Road, Mill Street, London Close, Durnover Court and Kings Road in Dorchester

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A spokesperson for the Environment Agency, said: "Further rainfall is forecast tomorrow.

"We will continue to monitor the forecast and re-issue this alert/warning if necessary.

"Avoid using low lying footpaths and any bridges near local watercourses and do not attempt to walk or drive through flood water.

"Start acting on your flood plan if you have one."

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There is also the risk of potential flooding along the River Piddle and its tributaries, the River Brit, the River Lim, the Wey River, and along coastal areas in west Dorset, with flooding alerts still in place for these areas.

Flood warnings have been removed from Chiswell, Preston Beach, West Bay Harbour and Esplanade and Weymouth Harbour.