New research has revealed that a Dorset coastal sport is one of UK’s most 'Instagrammable' beaches.  

A study by photo wall art creator StoryBoards has analysed Instagram hashtag data and the length of 50 of the UK’s most popular beaches to find the top ten beaches and coves with the highest hashtags per metre count.  

The study found that Lulworth Cove on Dorset's Jurassic Coast was the fourth most Instagrammable beach in the UK, with 174 Instagram posts per metre. 

Lulworth Cove is close to the famous Durdle Door, and both are famous for their unique geology and landforms, demonstrating how the earth has evolved over millions of years.  

The area is a very popular spot for tourists during the summer months.

However, visitors to the area do need to take care, as the cliffs are subject to regular landslips, especially after heavy rain.

Several landslides have taken place in March, One of which saw newly refurbished steps towards blocked.

Bournemouth beach came in eighth spot with 19 posts on Instagram per metre.

Kynance Cove in Cornwall topped the list with a whopping 66,000 posts on Instagram, and with a length of just 200 metres, this equates to 331 posts per metre.

A spokesperson for StoryBoards commented on the findings: “With the upcoming clocks change and the weather warming up, many people can use this ranking as a guide to help identify the most picturesque beaches to visit in the UK. 

“For those looking for more of a pebble beach, tourist hotspot Brighton Beach could be perfect for a family holiday, while Lulworth Cove is a fantastic choice for those looking for a beach with a learning twist.

"These findings situate Cornwall as the best location in the UK for a beach holiday this year, with four of the top entries in the top ten. No doubt any holiday based in Cornwall will be a fantastic one.”