There has been another rockfall close to the beach entrance at West Bay.

Images have captured the aftermath of another rockfall at East Beach close to where a huge rockfall happened in January.

However, the latest rockfall is a lot closer to the entrance of the beach and it has blocked any access further up East Beach. 

Dorset Echo: Rockfall at West Bay's East Beach

In the photos people can be seen approaching the rockfall, something which is extremely dangerous as the cliff could still be unstable and collapse again at anytime. 

The heavy rain and wind from Storm Nelson is likely to have been what caused the latest rockfall.

A member of the public at East Beach said: "The Rockfall is quite close to the end near West Bay, about 50 yards from the main beach.

"There have been a few people milling around it and one person even walked over it.

"People are ignoring the fact it is unstable."

Dorset Echo: Rockfall at West Bay's East Beach

The council has previously advised visitors to the coast to take notice of warning signs and not to climb over fresh falls because they can still be unstable.

“Care should always be taken on the coast by not walking close to the edge of cliffs or close to the bottom of them," a spokesperson said.

Dorset Council has issued the following advice about rock falls:

1. Stay away from the edge of the cliff top - admire the view from a safe distance

2. Stay away from the base of cliffs: rock falls and landslides can happen at any time. If you are under a rock fall, the likelihood is you will die

3. Pay attention to warning signs – they are there for your safety

4. Check tide times before you set off to avoid being cut off by incoming tides

5. Keep dogs on leads near the cliff edge