An 'unexpected star' of Michael McIntyres's Big Show is set to perform songs of the West End in Dorchester.

Stella Brading, Chairman of Wessex Musical Theatre group, said that her ‘dream came true’ when she became the star of the prime-time TV comedy show thanks to a clever stunt organised by her daughter.

The singer, who is from Portland, thought that she was spending a girly weekend in London with her daughter Shakira, when she ended up on stage in front of 2,500 people as the unexpected guest of Michael McIntyre’s Big Show.

Seven years later, she is performing alongside the Wessex Musical Theatre group as Mother Superior, to bring the feel-good musical Sister Act, made famous by Whoopi Goldberg, to the Thomas Hardye School theatre.

The action begins when lounge singer Deloris witnesses a murder and is placed in a convent to hide from her gangster boyfriend. As she spends time with her fellow nuns, she inspires them to find their true voices, sing out loud and proud, and save the church from financial ruin.

The show will run from May 29 - June 1.

Tickets start from £12 and can be purchased here: