HIGH tides in Weymouth last night and this morning caused flooding in some areas of the harbourside.

The flooding has been caused by a high tide which is currently a spring tide.

The tides were highest at 1am and 8am this morning and are expected to be high once again at around 2pm this afternoon.

A spokesperson for the Met Office said: "When there is a high tide, the Sun, Moon and Earth are in alignment and the gravitational force is strong.

"These tides are known as spring tides and occur twice a month.

"In this case the Moon can appear in between the Earth and Sun resulting in a solar eclipse, or at the furthest point away from the Sun resulting in a full Moon."

Speaking after Storm Nelson, A spokesperson for the Environment Agency said: "The tides are also expected to be higher than normal due to the windy weather during the next two spring tides.”

Pictures taken by the owners of The Wadham show flooding on Commercial Road outside the Anchor pub as well as the high water level underneath the town bridge.

A spokesperson for The Wadham said: "Oh my how high is the tide tonight? I have not seen the waterline that high under the town bridge. Has anyone else?"

Mel Jones is a frequent visitor to Weymouth from Winchester. He has a boat in the harbour and enjoys fishing with his son Ben. After returning from a trip they saw the rising tide and Ben joked that he could ‘fish in that’. Mel said: “The photo was Ben’s idea. He has a wicked sense of humour.

“It was flooding through the drains and coming close to the top of the wall. It is a notable local flooding spot.

“It is quite an exciting time. It is two days before the highest tide which is on Wednesday, but the storm surge made it larger.”