A GROUP of volunteers and partners who are working with the Memory Stones green corridor project has been invited to London to visit St Paul's Cathedral.

Sir Christopher Wren was an English architect, astronomer, mathematician and physicist who was one of the most highly acclaimed architects in the history of England.

Born in Dorset, Wren was commemorated with a memory stone on Portland in 2023 to celebrate his life and architectural achievements in his tercentenary (300th) year.

The stone was the second of 12 Memory Stones to be commissioned, with each stone allowing people to work together to create a legacy on the island.

Following the unveiling of Wren's Stone on Portland last year by the Very Reverend Andrew Tremlett, Dean of St Paul's Cathedral, a party of helpers and volunteers from the Portland Sculpture and Quarry Trust project has been invited by the Dean to visit the Cathedral on Wednesday, April 24.

The group will be taking a day trip to London with Excelsior Coaches which is supporting the project to uncover the hidden history of Wren's Way.

They will arrive at St Paul's Wharf by the Thames Millennium Bridge where they will trace the journey of the stone to St Paul's Cathedral - Wren's greatest masterpiece - with interpretation of Wren's churches along the way arriving at the more recent Paternoster Square.

The party includes local naturalists, quarrymen, stone carvers, artists, teachers, the Mayor of Portland, the  Worshipful Company of Masons,  main funders of the Wrens Stone and Island and  Royal Manor of Portland Court Leet and others supporting the Memory Stones, Green Corridor Community project.  

Spaces are still available for the trip to London, with tickets costing £25, for more information contact psqt@learningstone.org.