A DORSET farmer is furious after one of his lambs was mauled to death by a vicious dog attack.

Cameron Phillips, 23 has been in the farming industry for 5 years and has his flock of sheep at his farm in Sturminster Newton.

Recently, one of his flock was giving birth to a lamb when a dog got out in the field and viciously killed the newborn lamb.

Dorset Echo:

Speaking about the experience, Cameron said: “It was brutal.

“I was just having a look on camera where I saw the ewe giving birth.

“She'd given birth to one and that was fine.

“But unfortunately, on the second one, unfortunately, a dog had run into the field, upset the sheep and essentially some of the sheep broke out.

“I had a text message from my next-door neighbour saying that our sheep had got out into another one of our fields.

“The mum ran away in fear because she saw the dog there.

“Unfortunately, their lamb was taken straight away and mauled to death by the dog.

“I ran to the farm, picked up the ewe, and rushed her into my truck, she wasn't able to move.

"She was so exhausted from running around, she wasn't able to move forward.

Dorset Echo: The ewe in Cameron's truck after the dog attack.

“I've tried to use cameras to be able to capture any problems because of all the other issues around the area have been a lot of different sheep attacks by dogs.

“I think farmers have found it very hard this year, the weather's been hard enough, but obviously dog attacks as well, I'm questioning doing it all next year.

“I cannot graze anywhere in Sturminster Newton without someone walking in the field or something happening.

“It's just a joke.

“I've been an agricultural contractor for five years. It's been hectic. This is the worst dog attack I’ve seen in years.”

This incident comes after a lamb was recently attacked by a separate dog attack just a few fields away.

In response, a farmer tied the dead lamb to a post to raise awareness for dog attacks in the area.