A woman in the water off Weymouth sparked an emergency callout yesterday evening.

Coastguard and lifeboat crews were called at around 6.15pm on Monday, April 15 to a woman in the water off the Stone Pier in Weymouth.

She was rescued by the Weymouth lifeboat and was then brought ashore to warm up and be assessed by an ambulance as she was very 'cold and wet.'

Rescuers were not able to disclose how the woman came to be in the water.

A spokesperson for Wyke Regis Coastguard Rescue Team said: "We were tasked alongside Portland Bill Coastguard Rescue Team to a person in the water off the Stone Pier.

"The casualty was quickly recovered by Weymouth lifeboat.

"On our arrival, the casualty was brought ashore by crew into the lifeboat station to warm up and be assessed by South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust.

"Both teams stood down and returned to their stations."

A spokesperson for Weymouth Lifeboat said: "Weymouth inshore lifeboat were tasked to assist a person in the water off the seaward side of Weymouth stone pier.

"The volunteer crew launched and were quickly on scene, with Wyke Coastguard CRT on shore, they recovered the person just three minutes after launching.

"Upon returning to station the South Western NHS ambulance service took the person into their care."