New warning signs are being installed at junctions of 'high-risk' to alert road users to slow down.

Dorset Council is introducing the new road signs at three junctions where several crashes have occurred.

The signs aim to alert drivers and motorcyclists to take care and adjust their speed as they approach these areas.

Signs have been installed initially on the approaches to junctions at Thickthorn Cross, on the A354, near Blandford, and on the B3145 at Clatcombe Lane, near Sherborne.

Signs at Thornicombe, on the A354, near Blandford will also be installed in the near future.

There have been several serious collisions at the locations, prompting the need for proactive safety measures.

The warnings will serve as a visual reminder to all road users that they are entering a 'high-risk zone' so they can slow down and be extra vigilant.

Jack Wiltshire, head of highways for Dorset Council, said: “We monitor collision data provided by Dorset Police across our highway network and these junctions have, sadly, been the site of several injury collisions.

"Our aim is to raise awareness and encourage responsible driving behaviour"

While the warning signs play a crucial role,  road safety should always be a priority, regardless of conditions.

He added: “Motorists must always exercise caution, adapting their speed to match the road and surroundings.”

Dorset Council says it is also reviewing other measures to improve safety at the sites in addition to the signs.

In the meantime, it says that the effectiveness of the signs will be monitored closely.

Other injury collision sites and routes across the Dorset Council area are being reviewed for similar installations.