A thrill seeker was photographed practising his BASE jumping hobby by leaping off a cliff, shocking onlookers as he landed on the beach below.

A man was spotted jumping from the 150ft-high East Cliff at West Bay.

BASE jumping, one of the most dangerous extreme sports, involves jumping from fixed objects, using a parachute to descend safely to the ground.

The cliffs at West Bay appear to be a popular spot for this - although in the past coastguards have warned that while it isn't illegal, it is dangerous.

The area has seen frequent rock falls and the cliffs are said to be very unstable following a very wet winter and spring.

Nearby walker Scott Wills managed to catch the action on camera.

Dorset Echo: Base jumper at West BayBase jumper at West Bay (Image: Scott Wills)

He said: "I was out walking along the coastal path when I came across the man. I have not seen anyone BASE jumping in that area for a while.”

He explained that he wanted to see the jumper in action so hurried down to the beach below to get a better view, adding: "It seemed like a really nice way to start your morning, but it all seemed to be over very quickly; the whole thing must have been over in about 10 seconds."

The section of cliff that the jumper launched himself from has been prone to rockfalls in recent months.

Earlier this month, a section off cliff at East Beach came crumbling down which is believed to be a result of the heavy rain and wind from Storm Nelson.

Base jumping is a common practice in the area and the News reported on another adrenaline junkie jumping from the same cliffs in 2020, whilst 'shocked' onlookers watched from the beach below.

Dorset Echo: Base jumper at West BayBase jumper at West Bay (Image: Scott Wills)

Scott added: "You have got to be quite skilled to do it. I wanted to take photos because it was really interesting – you don’t see it every day."