Developers have released further details and have tried to calm fears regarding plans to build thousands of homes north of Dorchester.

It comes ahead of a march today by a group opposed to the massive development.

The North Dorchester Consortium has produced an animated video to explain its plans for a 3,500-home 'garden community' north of the county town - and to 'dispel any rumours'.

This includes false claims that the "water meadows are being developed, and that the development is on a flood plain, and that no affordable homes will be created". The developers say this is all incorrect.

Campaigners vehemently opposed to the development have a number of concerns including connections and road links, the potential impact on the environment - including flooding and pollution - as well as the impact on heritage assets and tourism.

A spokesperson for the consortium said the video aims to ‘offer clarity’ regarding the need for development in the county, outlining benefits of creating homes and services near Dorchester.

The 90 second video showcases features proposed by the consortium, including the ‘North Dorchester Secondary School,’ healthcare facilities, the creation of a new 200-acre country park to maintain the area’s ecological balance and a new business park on the far-right side of the development.

The video also shows the new link road proposed between the A35 and A37.

Formed of the firms Charles Church and Grainger, the North Dorchester Consortium is proposing to create 3,500 homes north of Dorchester at the North Dorchester Garden Community, on land which has been identified as a location for strategic development in several of Dorset Council’s draft Local Plans.

North Dorchester is ‘being considered’ as a possible location for new homes as part of the Government's garden communities initiative.

A spokesperson for the North Dorchester Consortium said: “The prospect of development north of Dorchester to expand the town was first mooted in 1987 and it has been the subject of debate and discussion for many years.  

“Inevitably, some inaccuracies arise over time.  We hope this new explainer video helps dispel the rumours and provide some clarity about the many benefits this significant investment has the potential to bring.”

Plans for the development have been criticised by local campaign group STAND, which has organised a march today (Saturday). They will set off from the Town Pump in Cornhill at 10.30am.

North Dorchester was awarded Garden Community status by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, now called the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, in June 2019. 

Dorset Council’s Planning team recently announced a revised approach to the drafting of Dorset’s Local Plan, in readiness for a new plan-making system set to be introduced by central government at the end of this year. 

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