CONSENT for a transit site for the gypsy and traveller community in the Piddle Valley has been renewed – although it is seldom used.

The site, adjacent to the Piddlehinton Enterprise Park at Church Hill has been a designated transit site for several years and will now be available this year for up to 25 caravans until September 30th.

It is managed by Dorset Council separately from the permanent gypsy site in the village and is designed to deal with those travelling around the country.

When not in use the field, to the south east of the business park, is turned back to grazing.

Piddle Valley Parish Council raised no objection to the renewal of the annual permission although asked that when two of more groups are on the site that there should be a permanent security presence.

The Council has sought to clarify who the site is intended for in its planning conditions stating: “the term "gypsies and travellers" shall be taken to mean persons of nomadic habit of life whatever their race or origin… but excluding members of an organised group of travelling showpeople or circus people travelling together.”