A CAMPSITE near Weymouth has applied, under habitat regulations, for two periods of temporary holiday site use this summer.

The Buckland Campsite at Nottington Lane, Buckland Ripers, is making the application as part of the 60-day temporary use regulations which allows camping and caravanning, subject to conditions, without the need for full planning consent.

The site operator has told Dorset Council it intends to be open from May 24 to 31st and again from July 12 to August 31st.

The 60-day rule was brought in during the Covid period, more than doubling the previous 28-day period.

Although the camping use does not generally need permission site operators, in some parts of the county, are now having to comply with Habitats Regulations which seek to protect nature sites designated to European standards, which locally include the Fleet and Poole Harbour.

The rules do not, necessarily, prevent camping and other activities taking place but do need the approval of Natural England which often suggest ways in which any ‘harm’ to the environment can be mitigated.

In previous cases this has resulted in conditions around toilets and litter disposal and, in some cases, has precluded visitors from some sections of land.