A walker has been rescued after becoming stuck in undergrowth on Portland.

Rescue teams had to cut their way through the thick undergrowth on an embankment close Church Ope Cove.

Portland and Wyke Coastguard rescue teams were called to the trapped walker who had sent them their location using the what3words website. 

The site allows for a precise location to be given by simply quoting the three unique words associated with that place on the website.

Upon being found, the rescue teams used a handline walk to bring them back to safety. No injuries were reported.

A spokesperson for Portland Bill Coatguard Rescue Team said: "Team tasked by Solent Coastguard along with Wyke Coastguard CRT.

"To locate a walker that had got stuck in thick undergrowth on a embankment near to Church Ope Cove.

"On scene the team’s were able to quickly locate the person using the what3words position they had given.

"The teams were then able to cut their way through the thick undergrowth to gain access to the walker and using a handline walk them back up onto the track to safety.

"With the walker now in a place of safety and no medical attention required the teams stood down and returned to their stations."