NO Conservatives or Liberal Democrats are contesting any of the Portland Town Council seats in this Thursday's town council election.

Several of the candidates have  listed themselves as Independent and just one as a  Green Party candidate.

All three wards for Portland Town Council are being contested, along with the Dorset Council seats.

Here is the full list of candidates for the town counci:

Tophill East (4 seats)

Jo Atwell Labour; Gordon Collins Labour; Marc Etheridge Independents for Dorset; Paul Kimber Labour; Sheila Miles Independents for Dorset; Pete Roper Independents for Dorset.

Tophill West (6)

Catherine Atkins Labour; Pam Boyce Labour; Andy Carr Independents for Dorset; Susan Cocking Independents for Dorset; Jim Draper Labour, Charlie Flack Independents for Dorset; Christopher Wakefield Independent; Steven Whiteway Labour; Tim Woodcock Independent for Portland.

Underhill (4)

 Katharine Garcia Independent; Rob Hughes Independents for Dorset; Karon McFarlane Independents for Dorset; Bernard Parkes Labour; Carralyn Parkes Labour; Kia Pope Green, Sandy West Independents for Dorset.