RESIDENTS who fought against a proposal to build a bungalow home in the rear garden of a Dorchester house may have to fight again.

The proposal for the development at 10 Manor Road was rejected by Dorset Council after many neighbours, and the town council, objected.

Previous applications to use large garden in the area for housing have also failed, each being opposed by neighbours who say it would ruin the character of the area.

Dorset Council planning officers accepted the residents’ view that the proposal for the disabled-friendly home at the Manor Road property would be unacceptable ‘back land’ development.

More than twenty nearby residents had written about the proposal with Dorchester Town Council also against the idea – telling planning officers: “The creation of an access drive alongside the boundary of the property would cause nuisance to the adjacent neighbours and would represent over-development contrary to the character of the neighbourhood. Councillors were also concerned about the two properties sharing one driveway and access onto Manor Road. In addition, the proposal would represent over-development of a residential neighbourhood.”

A planning agent, acting for the owners, claimed that the addition of the 3-bed bungalow would be a good use of the large garden and “entirely appropriate and in accordance with local (planning) policy” in an area of the town mainly occupied by inter-war homes with large grounds.

Dorset Council’s planning case officer, assessing the application, said the small area of open space which would be left for the bungalow’s occupants would not be sufficient and that having the access route so close to No 10 Manor Road, snaking around the front of the ‘parent’ house and then down the side of the site, would be harmful to those in the main house and next door property.

“The proposed dwelling, by reason of its location, to the rear of a dwelling on Manor Road, and the way that it would be accessed, from Manor Road, would introduce a type of back land development which would be at odds with and cause severe harm to the character of the area,” said the officer.

Further comments on the proposal can be made to the Planning Inspectorate, based in Bristol, by May 14th.

Illustration - Manor Road site plan - existing house to the left with track to proposed bungalow to the rear