A man who refused to comply with a drug wipe when pulled over by police has been disqualified from driving.

Paul Dowd, 36 appeared at Weymouth Magistrates' Court where he admitted to failing to provide specimen for analysis and fail to co-operate with a preliminary test, namely a drug wipe.

Nicola Reece, prosecuting, said that Dowd of Cornflower Close, Weymouth, was 'Driving his car in Weymouth when he was stopped at Boot Hill by police officers for a stop check. He had mentioned to them that he has used drugs before.

Ms Reece added that officers wanted to do a drug wipe which Dowd refused stating that they should take him into custody. He was then taken to the police station where he refused to provide a specimen of blood for a laboratory test.

Representing himself, Dowd said: “They literally target me every day, I have got no chance in hell of winning this - I would rather just crack on with my driving ban.

“I was in a stationary vehicle. There was no indication that anybody in the vehicle was on drugs. I am not going to fight it so I would rather just get on with it - I know how the system works.”

In 2019 Dowd was convicted and disqualified from driving on a drug drive offence.

Dowell explained that he needed to use his car to drop his daughter at college whom he has full custody of.

Sara Saunders, Chair of the Magistrates’ bench said: “Thank you for speaking to us and being very honest.”

Magistrates handed Dowd a driving ban of 36 months and he must also pay £40 in court costs and a surcharge of £48