A breast cancer survivor, who is determined to live life to the full, is raising money for a charity which helped her beat the disease.

Sue Chinniah, who lives in Dorchester, will be shaving her hair on Saturday, May 18, at SGM Hair on South Street to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support charity.

She described how she’d like to raise as much money as possible for a charity which helped her through the difficult time.

She said: “I thought Macmillan were really nice to us and really helpful. I wanted to say thank you to them and I wanted to give something back to them by raising money and awareness.”

Sue has also overcome incredible odds throughout her life, being born with born with Spina Bifida – a congenital condition affecting the development of the spinal cord – and Hydrocephalus which causes a build-up of fluid in the brain.

Her mother was told by doctors that she wouldn’t make it to her teenage years. Now at 60 years old, she has defied the odds and enjoyed a happy and fulfilling live. 

Dorset Echo: Paul Chinniah performing with his wife SuePaul Chinniah performing with his wife Sue (Image: Paul Chinniah)

In 2016, she lost both legs due to pressure sores on her feet which got infected. She has also developed focal epilepsy.

Despite this setback, she refused to let it put her down and continued to take part in activities such as horse riding, javelin, discus and even going gliding.

She said: “I would say to everyone not to let any disability hold you back. If you’ve got upper body strength don’t let any anything hold you back. If you want to do something you can find a way to do it.”

“I like to stay positive. I’m always thinking I’m better than I think and I can do this, so doing this fundraiser is giving me something to look forward to and the strength to cope with this.”

In 2004, Sue met her husband Paul Chinniah and after two years they got married. Mr Chinniah shared how proud he is of his wife for doing the upcoming fundraiser and for her great resilience despite her various physical disabilities.

Dorset Echo: Paul Chinniah and his wife SuePaul Chinniah and his wife Sue (Image: Paul Chinniah)

He said: “Sue has been through a lot of health problems throughout her life, yet she's not letting it stop her. Yes, they get her down and frustrated but she battles through and keeps going.

“As long as there's something to look forward to, like open mic nights, karaoke, or comedy gigs then we can carry on.”

Sue added how it was the love and care shown by her husband which helped he through the difficult times.

She added: “He’s been so great as my husband and carer. He’s not been getting the praise he should. He’s been my rock; he’s kept me going if I hadn’t met Paul, I’d doubt I'd be alive now. He’s kept me going and a really special bloke.”

You can donate to Sue's fundraiser on the Brave the Shave website: https://tinyurl.com/mrxumb53