A man who crashed into a hedge after drinking ‘four or five pints’ has been disqualified from driving.

Robert Richardson, 41 appeared at Weymouth Magistrates' Court where he admitted to driving a motor vehicle otherwise than in accordance with a licence, using a motor vehicle on a road / public place without third party insurance and driving a motor vehicle when alcohol level above limit.

Nicola Reece, prosecuting, said: “During the early hours of the morning on Saturday, April 6. Richardson was involved in a small vehicle road traffic collision.

It happened in Castle Lane, Buckland Newton.

“There was a vehicle coming the other way which caused Richardson to swerve, and he ended up in a hedge.”

Magistrates heard that Richardson of Blandford Road, Bere Regis, did not have the relevant documents in place to be driving the vehicle as he was driving on an ineligible driver's licence.

Ms Reece said: “He had been drinking at the Gaggle of Geese pub where he had been for a friend’s 50th birthday and consumed around four or five pints whilst there.”

When breathalysed by police, Richardson was found with 57 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath which exceeded the prescribed limit.

Richardson was initially using the vehicle to move furniture.

Lee Christmas, Mitigating, said: “As part of his job he needs to drive. He lives in a remote rural area and a disqualification would make it hard for him. - His partner is pregnant and he is looking for work - He has previously transported horses for work.”

Magistrates sentenced Richardson to a driving ban of 14 months and he must also pay £85 in costs, and a surcharge of £96.