A business owner whose mobile food truck was damaged in a fire has told of how ‘valued’ he felt after the community rallied round to support him.

As reported, Scott Sanders, owner of much-loved The Munch Box on Lynch Lane, Weymouth arrived at his food van one morning in January to find that there had been a fire overnight.

The fire, started accidentally, had devastated the inside of the van, leaving appliances wrecked and smoke damage throughout.

Mr Sanders set up a GoFundMe page to help with the costs to repair the truck due to the insurance excess being extremely high and fears that his insurance costs would soar.

A number of people contributed to the fundraiser - which raised a total of £760 - while others donated their time and equipment.

Dorset Echo: Damage to The Munch BoxDamage to The Munch Box (Image: Scott Sanders)

Months after the fire, Mr Sanders wants to thank all of his customers and the local community for their help and dedication which led to him being able to re-open.

He said: “It took well over a month for us to be able to reopen. We have had a lot of local support and lots of local businesses have also helped out and donated bits.

“One of my customers even donated a microwave.”

Dorset Echo: The Munch Box nowThe Munch Box now (Image: Scott Sanders)

The business owner expressed his joy that social media star 'Spudman' - who has more than three million followers on TikTok and has gone viral with his videos about jacket potatoes - also donated some money to help out.

Speaking of the impact that the community coming together and chipping into the fundraiser and helping out in other ways, Mr Sanders said: “It made us feel like we are valued.

“I try and give back to the local community as I don’t charge a tourist tax and we don’t overcharge. 

“I have had a lot of people say that they are happy to see us back. We are a community hub.”

He revealed that the fire was caused by a hot water tap ‘because (the weather) got so cold that the element in the tap cracked.’

Dorset Echo: Scott Sanders and his wifeScott Sanders and his wife (Image: Scott Sanders)

He added: “Being self-employed, there is no way of getting money if you’re not working. The insurance excess was so high that it wasn’t worth claiming.

“Luckily, I was also working at Scott’s Kitchen at the Royal Standard and at Rugby Tots in Dorchester (alongside wife Tina).

“One of the young lads gave us his pocket money for a month – his parents said that he was insisting.

“I just want to say thank you to the people who helped us get back up and running.”