DAVID Sidwick has been re-elected as Dorset’s police and crime commissioner for the Conservative party. 

Bournemouth-born Mr Sidwick was visibly moved as returning officer Graham Farrant read out his 57,994 majority. 

Second place saw Lib Dem candidate Howard Legg, who was not at the count, gain 34,774 votes, Independent Marianne Storey gain 32,237 votes and Labour’s David Stokes have 26,884. 

Despite a bleak national picture for the Conservatives, and closer to home in the Dorset Council area where the Tories lost their majority to the Lib Dems, Mr Sidwick won both the BCP and Dorset count. 


Speaking to the Echo after the results, he spoke of his love for the “beautiful” county and repeated his ambition to make Dorset the safest county in the country. 

He said: “I've been very clear from day one: it’s about the people of Dorset. 

“This job, the job of the police and crime commissioner, has to serve the people. I think the people saw that the police and crime plan that all put into place three years ago is working.” 

“There is something about conservatism and there is something about law and order and when you look at the manifestos, I was very clear: it was about being direct, about cutting crime and anti-social behaviour, and I've always said it's about making the police crime fighters again.” 

Meanwhile, Labour’s David Stokes, who has been trying to get elected in public office for 41 years, said he and his team “put up a good fight” and is proud of the number of votes he secured. 

His side, although last in the numbers, secured a promising 14,325 votes in the BCP area – an area Labour is targeting hard for the upcoming general election. 

Mr Stokes added: “In a world where democracy is under threat, we can look and be proud of what happens here in BCP and in the greater Dorset area. Democracy shouldn't be sneered at.”  

Independent Marianne Storey praised her team of 40 people “who were willing to stand by me, who believed in me and believe what I stand for”.  

In Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole – where the turnout was 18.82 per cent – Mr Sidwick had 20,782 votes, about 6,000 more than Labour’s second place. 

Combined with the Dorset Council area’s turnout of 33.09 per cent, overall turnout for the Dorset PCC election was at 25.96 per cent, with 154,436 ballot papers verified. 

Dorset Police's chief constable Amanda Pearson said: “I would like to offer my congratulations to David Sidwick in being re-elected as the police and crime commissioner for Dorset.

“We look forward to continuing the progressive and productive relationship we have developed in the last three years and will be ready to assist in the further delivery of the commissioner’s police and crime plan.”


Graham Farrant, returning officer and chief executive of BCP Council, said: “On behalf of BCP Council, I would like to extend my congratulations to David Sidwick on their success in the Dorset police and crime commissioner election.

“BCP Council looks forward to working alongside David Sidwick as we strive to deliver a safer BCP area and wider Dorset for all our residents, businesses and visitors.”


David Sidwick (Conservative) - 57,994 

Howard Legg (Liberal Democrat) - 34,774 

Marianne Storey (Independent) - 32,237 

David Stokes (Labour) - 26,884 

 Turnout - 25.96 per cent