The Liberal Democrats celebrated another successful day of local election results in the town and parish council elections across Dorset.

The Lib Dems held control of Dorchester Town Council and remained the largest party on Weymouth Town Council.

It comes after the party took control of Dorset Council from the Conservative Party on Friday night.

On Portland, the Independents for Dorset took control of the town council from Labour, winning nine of the 14 seats to gain control.

The Conservative Party became the second largest party on Weymouth Town Council, winning seven seats, including Littlemoor for the first time in history.

Cllr Ryan Hope, Weymouth Town Councillor for Westham West, said he was pleased with the results.

Dorset Echo: Weymouth councillor Ryan Hope was pleased with the Lib Dem resultsWeymouth councillor Ryan Hope was pleased with the Lib Dem results (Image: Tom Lawrence)

He added: "With Dorset Council being in control of the Liberal Democrats now, we will really stand up for the people of Weymouth.

"As Nick Ireland said yesterday, parking review is top of the agenda, we need to support local businesses and deliver on our economic plan and environmental plan for Weymouth Town Council.

"We have some great new talent coming onto Weymouth Town Council, a more diverse group in my opinion, more female councillors and younger councillors."

Despite the wins, Liberal Democrat councillors Ann Weaving and Howard Legg lost their seats on the town council.

Cllr Hope added: "Obviously we are disappointed that we couldn't get Ann (Weaving) and Howard (Legg) into Littlemoor but the by-election in January gave us an indication of how that would go.

"Although we all stand under party badges, the WTC chamber is a non-political arena.

"We will look to represent our residents, we will continue to ensure that we are spending their money wisely, building our income generation wisely."

The Conservative Party gained Littlemoor and won seats in Preston and Wyke North.

New Weymouth town councillor for Littlemoor, Louie O'Leary said: "We are pleased all of our years of hard labour have paid off.

"The secret is to keep it local, I am from Littlemoor, I grew up here.

"We have a lot of respect for Ann Weaving, Littlemoor is sad to lose her but we will do her proud."

On Portland, The Independents for Dorset took control, winning nine seats out of a total of 14.

Previously Labour had held nine of the seats, with the Independents on five.

The Green Party also won their first seat on Portland as Kia Pope won in Underhill.

Labour councillors Bernard Parkes and Pam Boyce lost their seats on the town council.

Sheila Miles, Portland Town Councillor for the Independents Group, said: "We hoped this was possible, but this is a great day and we are relieved and happy.

"Portlanders can now expect far more communication and more public forums and public meetings.

"I wish the turnout had been a bit better because 24 per cent is not good enough, we would have liked it to have been more representative."

In Dorchester, the Liberal Democrats maintained control of the council, winning 17 of the 20 seats available.

The remaining three seats were taken up by Independent councillors Les Fry and William Gibbons and Green Party councillor Poppy Farmer.

For the first time in living memory, two of the wards in Dorchester - Dorchester North and South - were uncontested due to a lack of candidates, with all seven seats being won by the Lib Dems.

Speaking after the results, Independent Town Councillor for Dorchester West Ward Les Fry, said: "Thanks to all those who voted. It is important to use your democratic vote. 

"I've been impressed and pleased with the independent gains particularly for Portland and Ferndown who have taken control of their councils. Let's keep politics out of local councils and give each area what it needs."