RESIDENTS have voiced their concerns over a 'ridiculous' shuttle bus drop-off point after more than 2,000 people disembarked from a cruise ship into a residential area of Weymouth.

As previously reported, residents in Rodwell, Weymouth, have written to both the Echo and Dorset Council to campaign about the position of a shuttle bus drop off service for cruise ship tourists using Portland Port.

The current location of the drop off points sees the buses come from Portland through Rodwell Avenue before turning at the roundabout between Spring Road, Newton’s Road and Newberry Gardens to offload passengers.  

The latest cruise ship to drop tourists off, the Norwegian Pearl, called into Portland Port on Tuesday, May 7 around 1.15pm, with buses dropping off around 2,394 passengers from around 2.15pm.

Dorset Echo:

Residents in the area have suggested that the new car park at the former council office building of North Quay, would be a more suitable drop-off point, with the current point labelled as ‘ridiculous and unsafe.’

Michael Clarke, a local resident, said: “It’s ridiculous. It’s a very unsafe way to drop off tourists, and most residents along this road would agree not to bring coaches down here, especially with the new development.

“It goes on all the time and the residents here are fed up with it. It’s very dangerous for cars."

Another resident added: “It’s awful, dreadful and it should never be down this road as there are just too many people. The new North Quay car park would be better suited for this as the area is just not built for it."

Pam Johnstone and her husband David said: “It seems to be a lot of fuss over nothing. We’re happy for the visitors. There is an issue with people parking along this road too, and if the cars were moved there would be more space for the buses.

Dorset Echo:

“The new car park where the former council offices were would be a suitable place for drop-offs but this is also the scenic route into Weymouth so you can see why people are dropped off here, so we have just got to put up and get on with it. I’m sad and disappointed to read that people are upset about this."

Another resident said: “It’s annoying as they are going on all through the day. North Quay would be a better place than this.”

“We don’t know why the traffic officers have to be there all day costing us money- it makes no sense that more people have to oversee it as it just makes the area even busier,” another said.

The port has previously said that it is reviewing a number of potential sites in the area and will consider all options regarding a move to the location of the shuttle bus service.