A songwriter from Dorset has released a new single which features on an award-winning documentary film.

Being Alive is the lead single by Bere Regis composer and songwriter Xav Clarke from the forthcoming original motion picture soundtrack album, for the feature documentary film Red Herring.

The film follows Lulworth-born filmmaker Kit Vincent and his family as they try to come to terms with his brain tumour diagnosis.

Dorset Echo: Red Herring Film Soundtrack Cover Red Herring Film Soundtrack Cover (Image: Revelry Promotions)

It was nominated for a British Independent Film Award and also won Best UK Feature at the Raindance Film Festival.

Xav was tasked with crafting and performing the entire soundtrack for the documentary and shared how his loving memories of his father helped shape his music style.

He said: 'I wanted the music to sound like it could have been made at home and that it came unfiltered, from the heart. Kit and I both grew up in Dorset and have similar musical interests. This helped me inform the direction the sound should take. As did the strong bond between Kit and his dad, Lawrence.

“Having very recently lost my dad, I was able to draw upon my emotional response to portraying a father/son bond within the context of happiness and loss. When writing lyrics, I wanted to capture both the darkly comedic tone of the film and the heart-on-the-sleeve emotional honesty on display.

Dorset Echo: Xav Clarke publicity shotXav Clarke publicity shot (Image: Revelry Promotions)

“Although the film confronts the topic of death, I wanted to make sure the music came from a place of what it means to be alive and to celebrate and soundtrack Kit’s experiences.”

Being Alive was released is the second release from the soundtrack album following on from the recently released single Growing Up Is For Losers.

The full soundtrack for Red Herring is due to be released on Wednesday, May 22. Red Herring is currently being shown in UK cinemas and is available on digital platforms.

Xav has also written music and score for numerous animated series including the BAFTA-winning The Amazing World of Gumball and cult Sci-fi adventure; Elliott From Earth for which he received a Music + Sound Awards nomination. 

Currently he is working on the score for a forthcoming Nickelodeon animated series as well as starting a new project for the world-famous, Academy Award winning animation studio Aardman.