A community in Weymouth have raised enough money to start repairs to a wishing well after it was vandalised in what has been described as a ‘team effort.’

The Weymouth Rotary Club, who are responsible for the wells upkeep, have raised enough money to start reparations to the Greenhill Gardens wishing well, with hopes repairs will be completed by the end of the month.

Dorset Echo: As previously reported, vandals were believed to use a hammer or another heavy tool to smash part of the wall of the well on Weymouth seafront.

Following the incident, the club set up a GoFundMe fundraising account to raise funds for its repair, which has seen donations from across the town.

After residents and locals raised £170, We Are Weymouth topped this up with a £500 donation to see a total of £670 given.

Builders LC Wills Contracts and Betterment Properties and the Weymouth branch of B&Q are involved in the project.

The club was in the process of renovating the well to give it a new look and make it an attraction after an idea from one of its member’s granddaughters.

Dorset Echo: Jerry Way’s eight-year-old granddaughter Islay came up with the idea for the well to be the Greenhill Magical Fairy Wishing Well, which would feature pictures of fairies, dragonflies, and butterflies.

Dorset Echo: He said: “Local builder LC Wills Contracts has kindly offered to make the repairs to the well, using materials donated by Betterment Properties. We have also been supported by B&Q, so it is an all-round team effort to make good the damages.

Mr Way went on to say that he hopes repairs are completed within a fortnight, which will allow the Rotary Club the opportunity to finish the decorations and signage.

Chief Operations Officer for We Are Weymouth, Dawn Rondeau-Irvine said: "One of the priorities of the BID (We are Weymouth) is not only to market Weymouth but also to improve Weymouth." 

“Part of Improving Weymouth both now and for the future is by investing time and money into projects which not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the town but ensures that people take a pride in Weymouth, driving standards higher whenever and wherever possible.

“Greenhill gardens is one of our key visitor attractions, and We Are Weymouth wanted to support the wishing well project to ensure that this iconic area, explored by locals and visitors, retains its magic by investing in the fairy well as well as later in the year heritage slabs sharing some of the history of Greenhill gardens."

She continued, "By encouraging children and adults to visit Greenhill we can continue to celebrate the beauty of this award-winning garden and remain proud of our town."