A WOMAN shouted racial slurs and played ‘Punjabi’ music across the fence at her neighbours.

Sonya Vetier of Brisbane Road appeared at Weymouth Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, May 8 after previously pleading guilty to one count of racially or religiously aggravated intentional harassment, alarm or distress in words or writing, as well as one count of assault by beating.

A court heard that Vetier, 43, who was believed to be ‘intoxicated’ at the time began shouting a number of racial slurs at her neighbours Mr and Mrs Nemciuc in a ‘racially aggravated attack’ using ‘very offensive words,’ before announcing ‘I’m racist and I’m proud of it.’

Victoria Hill, Prosecuting, said: “On the evening of June 20, 2023, Mr and Mrs Nemciuc were sat in their garden with their parents. They said there were a number of teenagers playing outside their back gate between their property and Vetiers’.

“A ball came over their fence, so Mr Nemciuc threw it back. The ball came back a short time after, so he threw it over again.

“It appears that Vetier said that the ball had made contact with one of the children and started shouting over the fence using foul and racist language.

“Mr and Mrs Nemciuc asked her to stop but she continued ranting for some time and it is believed that she was intoxicated.

“You are foreigners talking your jibber jabber. You’re just renters you f****** c**** and then started playing ‘Punjabi music,’ and shouting I’m racist and I’m proud of it”

“Vetier then threw a wooden broom over the fence striking Mr Nemciuc in the chest.”

Mr Nemciuc was not physically injured by the incident.

Ms Hill said: “One could say that Vetier intended for the broom to hit someone.”

The victims recorded some of what Vetier was saying in an audio recording that was played out in the courtroom.

During the audio recording, Vetier could be heard shouting phrases like: ‘I have been here 20 years, f*** off,’ ‘foreign f***ers, they don’t even know what language they are,’ ‘they are talking their foreign language, that’s f***ing racist,’ and ‘I can’t wait for the police to come.’

A court heard that that the incident went on for about 45 minutes.

Ms Hill said: “Mrs Nemciuc said that she was really distressed by what was said and she was scared that she could be assaulted or have things thrown at her at a later date.

In a victim impact statement read out by Ms Hill on behalf of Mrs Neciuc it was said: “I am Romanian and have been living and working in the UK for a number of years.

“I was gripped by an overwhelming sense of fear. The fear was paralysing, causing uncontrollable shaking.

“Leaving the house is an anxiety inducing ordeal.”

Lee Christmas, mitigating explained that the offence happened around a year ago and she has not interacted in this manner with them since.

District Judge Orla Austin said: “This was entirely racially aggravated and the words used were very offensive, the music was used to insult.”

Vetier was sentenced to an eight-week prison sentence which was suspended for 12 months.

She is also not able to drink alcohol for three months and will be fitted with an alcohol monitoring bracelet.

Vetier must also pay £200 each in compensation to Mr and Mrs Nemciuc, totalling £400.

She is not to contact either Mr or Mrs Nemciuc directly or indirectly or enter their home address for two months as well as attending a number of rehabilitation courses including alcohol awareness and rehabilitation activity days.