A stack of logs was deliberately set on fire in a woods broke out not far from Bere Regis last night.

Firefighters from Bere Regis were called at 9.29pm on Thursday, May 9 to to a report of a fire in the woods off Puddletown Road, near Hyde.

Upon arrival fire crews could not find a fire but were alerted to a 'definite smell of smoke' and discovered a stack of logs that had been deliberately set ablaze and was left smouldering.

They promptly put the embers out and secured the area.

A spokesperson for Bere Regis Fire Station said: "Yesterday evening our fire engine was called out to a report of a fire in the woods just off the Puddletown Road near Hyde.

"On arrival, there was no immediate sign of a fire, but a definite smell of smoke.

"After investigation, this was found to be coming from a large stack of logs which we believe to have been deliberately set alight and was now smouldering.

"This was fully extinguished using one hose reel jet."