People are being urged to dispose of batteries correctly to reduce the risk of fires.

Batteries which are thrown in with household waste can cause fires both in waste collection vehicles and at the facilities the rubbish is delivered to.

Dorset Council Waste Services are urging people to remove batteries from devices before binning them and to recycle them at the correct places.

A spokesperson for Dorset Council Waste Services said: “Batteries in bins cause fires, both in collection vehicles and at facilities where the vehicle contents are delivered to. Please check any device you're about to put in the bin and remove any batteries first.

“The batteries can be recycled at many local retailers, household recycling centres, or you can put them in a small plastic bag and leave them on top of your recycling bin on collection day.

“If the battery can't be removed, please take the whole device to an HRC next time you visit.”

You can find out where to recycle your batteries here: