Rangers at Lulworth and Durdle Door are working hard at repairing the steps down to the beaches at the popular tourist hotspot.

The repairs have been needed after stormy weather over the winter damaged the steps.

With the weather getting warmer and more people expected to visit the area in the coming months, the rangers have also issued their 'top tips' to stay safe and enjoy their time on the estate. 

A spokesperson for Lulworth Rangers said: "The rangers have been hard at work continuing maintenance on the Durdle Door and Man O' War steps so that you can enjoy the coast safely.

"Top tips on other ways to enjoy your time on the estate: - Stay clear of the base and top of cliffs, wear appropriate footwear for the terrain, check tide times and sea conditions prior to arriving,  bring plenty of water and a picnic instead of a barbecue and leave the area the way you would like to find it.

Activities undertaken by Lulworth Ranger volunteers include: beach cleaning, footpath maintenance, scrub management, tourism surveys, wildlife gardening, interpretation design, field studies teaching and wildlife survey, among many others.