CHANGES will be made to improve access to a river path after complaints.

Dorset Council say they it be changing the layout of the safety barriers at the entrance to the historic River Frome trail on London Road in Dorchester.

It comes after 90-year-old Dorchester resident Amanda Dore contacted the Echo regarding her problem with accessing the path as she cannot manoeuvre her mobility scooter through the static barriers and onto the path.

Mrs Dore would like to use the path as she says it's a lovely spot but also it provides a shortcut to get to the Lidl supermarket in the Grove where she likes to shop.

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Dorset Echo: She had been campaigning about the issue for the past 12 months saying she felt ‘ignored’ and had written to her MP, Chris Loder as well as complaining to Dorset Council regarding the struggles she has faced with her accessibility.

According to a spokesperson for Dorset Council, the layout will change to improve access ‘for all’ wishing to use the walkway.

It is hoped that the changes will be made by mid-June.

Upon hearing the news, Mrs Dore said: “I could not be more pleased.

“Since the article was published, a lot of people have approached me on the street and in church to say what an issue it has been for them too which just shows you how important it is.

“I cannot wait to enjoy a nice afternoon by the river.”

Mrs Dore, a retired nurse, moved to Dorchester from Wales a year ago after her husband passed away but feels as though she is a Dorset local on account of her children being born in the county.

Dorset Echo: She added: “It is such a simple job so I do hope that the work will be completed by June, but for now we will have to wait.”

It is not known if the council will rearrange the bins at the site to improve accessibility, which was another concern Mrs Dore raised to the authorities.

A spokesperson for Dorset Council: “Regarding the staggered barriers at London Road in Dorchester, we intend to change the layout of the barriers to improve access for all. This work will happen in the next two to three weeks.”