Research has revealed that a Dorset town is amongst the unluckiest areas for winning the Postcode Lottery.

Dorchester has ranked among the top 10 most unlikely places to have the winning postcode.

The town ranked tenth on the list, with a total of 210 wins in the area and an average of 6.56 wins per postcode district.

The Postcode Lottery launched in the UK in 2005 and sees players sign up with their postcodes and pay £12 per month to be automatically entered into all draws.

Each month, winning postcodes are chosen at random and all participants sharing the postcode split the prize.

Gaming magazine 1337 Games analysed the total number of Postcode Lottery wins in each area of the UK.

The total number of wins was divided by the number of postcode districts in each area, to determine the areas that are most and least likely to win.

Taking the crown as the unluckiest area for the Postcode Lottery is West Central London, with an average of 0.56 wins per postcode district and out of all 16 of the postcode districts, there have only ever been nine wins.

By far, the luckiest area in the Postcode Lottery is Preston, with 41.36 wins per postcode district on average. In total, there have been 455 wins in the Preston area, spread over the city’s 11 different postcode districts.