A MAN caused a late night crash which severely damaged multiple vehicles in a residential area then became aggressive to members of the public and police, a court heard.

Christopher David Galloway, of Spa Road, Weymouth, has previously pleaded guilty to failing to provide a specimen for analysis as a driver, obstructing/resisting a constable in execution of their duty and two counts of using threatening/abusive word/behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

It relates to an incident where Galloway, 29, drove his car in Radipole Lane in Southill before crashing and damaging five parked vehicles around midnight on Saturday, October 14, 2023.

The Echo reported the incident at the time, with residents saying how thousands of pounds worth of damage was caused.

Residents had come out of their homes to witness a scene of devastation - Galloway's car had ploughed into a parked vehicle on the side of the road which in turn was shunted over to a neighbouring drive and hit three other parked cars.

Galloway's car was spun around by the impact and hit a car on the other side of the road. A witness described seeing the airbags inflated and smoke coming from the car.

Amazingly, police said at the time that no-one was injured.

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Galloway faced a further charge of assault by beating of an emergency officer, namely a police officer, at Dorset County Hospital where he had been taken for treatment to a self-inflicted head injury.

He was found not guilty of this offence following a trial at Weymouth Magistrates Court on Friday, May 17.

It had been alleged that Galloway had attempted to bite a police officer having been restrained on the ground.

Ned Sillett, mitigating, argued the officer had mistaken her hand touching Galloway's teeth in the struggle as an attempt at him biting it.

The magistrates' bench, chaired by Mr David Senior, was not satisfied the evidence provided by the prosecution proved the case beyond reasonable doubt.

Charles Nightingale, prosecuting, said Galloway had said in police interview he had been at a wedding prior to the crash.

Mr Nightingale said: “He was driving his Volvo car on Radipole Lane. It crashed and caused significant damage to his and several other cars.

“He was described as being angry and aggressive from the outset to members of the public and to officers.

“He was in a physical mood to hurt himself. At one point (a member of the public saw him) hit his head against a wall causing injuries to himself.

“His behaviour continued to be abusive and accusatory to all those he dealt with.”

Dorset Echo: Damage to one of the carsDamage to one of the cars (Image: Supplied)Dorset Echo: Galloway's vehicleGalloway's vehicle (Image: Supplied)Dorset Echo: Damage to another carDamage to another car (Image: Supplied)

The court heard that Galloway's aggressive behaviour continued in hospital. Despite initially agreeing to have a blood sample taken by medical staff, he later refused.

When he took the stand in his trial, Galloway said at the time he had been a construction site manager, having worked his way through the ranks for the past seven years.

He said he had been at an old school friend’s wedding on the day of the incident, where he saw his ex-girlfriend which ‘upset him quite badly’, adding that due to his ADHD he can struggle with intensely emotional situations.

Dorset Echo: In total six vehicles were damaged including Galloway'sIn total six vehicles were damaged including Galloway's (Image: Supplied)

Dorset Echo: The drivers vehicle crashed into a vehicle on the opposite side of the road

Galloway said after the crash he ‘lost all composure’ adding: “At the peak of my career, 18 months waiting for the car (he had bought), and everything was gone in the blink of an eye.”

Mr Sillett said Galloway had no previous convictions, and asked for an adjournment so a pre-sentence report can be drawn up.

Galloway will next appear at Weymouth Magistrates Court on July 4. Until then Galloway is under an interim disqualification from driving.