These fascinating photos show just how much waterside Weymouth has changed since the 1970s.

Here you can see Weymouth Marina in 1971 in a picture shared by Portland historian Stuart Morris.

Back then Weymouth Marina was still known as the Backwater with the shaft of the gas tunnel (centre); the gas holder; the remains of John Coode's weir of 1872 (lower left); the original library (right), and behind that the sewer pumping station.

You can also see one way traffic on Westwey Road, the distant 1930s Fire Station, and of course from afar the-then brand new council offices which have recently been demolished.

Dorset Echo: Harbour roundabout at the other end of Westwey Rd, May 1971Harbour roundabout at the other end of Westwey Rd, May 1971

This photo above, a black and white image from the same year, shows the other end of Westwey Road and the much missed Harbour Roundabout.

Behind the roundabout on the site where Asda is today is the much missed Sidney Hall.

The hall was used for bingo, skating and dancing.

In the 1970s the hall was thriving with regular bingo nights, where a team of Rothmans cigarettes sales girls would do promotions. On Saturday nights dances would be held.

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Come the 1980s the council had sold the hall and it was leased to the government Land Registry as a storage area for Dorset land records.

In the mid 1980s Carter Commercial developments was looking for a supermarket site and the hall was demolished.

A Gateway supermarket was built on the site, which then became Asda.

The 1971 pictures conjure up many happy memories for Echo readers, with John Joyce remembering 'the huge mullet fish that used to swim lazily between the boats there during the summer'.

Patsy Morgan remembers the prefabricated building next to the car park, where she spent many happy hours in the children’s library in the early ‘60s.

Tony Bird recalls: "Like Patsy I spent many happy hours in the library, I can remember the separate children's library being opened. There was a photo I think in the Echo of myself and Edward Harland in the new building."

"We had a small motor boat on the Backwater in the 50s and 60s," Kath Markland remembers.

"We have great memories of fishing trips and going to Redcliffe and Ringstead to picnic and swim."

These memories and more have been shared on our Facebook nostalgia group We Grew Up in Weymouth and Portland, which you can join at Nostalgia

Rachel Harley says: "My grandfather had his boat moored in the harbour, we had to get to it by rowing boat. The library used to be where the flats are, used to love going there in the children section....Happy memories."

Dorset Echo: Harbour roundabout at the other end of Westwey Rd, May 1971Harbour roundabout at the other end of Westwey Rd, May 1971

Moving further forward and again, thanks to Stuart Morris, we have more further photos of this part of Weymouth.

The picture above was taken in 1987 and shows how the road looked just before North Quay and Westwey Road changed to two-way traffic.

You can see cones in place and another lane created with the road about to become two way.

Dorset Echo: The Harbour Roundabout in Weymouth in 1990The Harbour Roundabout in Weymouth in 1990

The next photo, the photo above, shows the much missed Harbour Roundabout in 1990, which has now been replaced by traffic lights.

The roundabout is one of many 'lost' roundabouts which were replaced with traffic lights as part of Weymouth's Olympic transport works.