A primary school pupil from Weymouth been creating colourful bracelets inspired by her favourite singer to raise funds for her school.

Amelia Waters, 10, attends Chickerell Primary Academy and was inspired to design and create Taylor Swift themed bracelets to sell and raise funds for the school.

The bracelets are made from clay beads and strung individually. Many are adorned with Taylor Swift references such as her album name “Folklore” and “Swiftie” – a coined name for her dedicated fans.

After overhearing her mother Sophie Bird, and step father Matt Bird, discussing the school’s financial difficulties, the young girl approached her stepdad saying she wanted to help.

Dorset Echo: Amelia Waters, 10, selling her bracelets at the school tuck shop Amelia Waters, 10, selling her bracelets at the school tuck shop (Image: Sophie Bird)

Sophie said: “The headteacher sent an email out to all parents to say the school was struggling financially and was asking for donations such as pencils or rubbers.

“She is really creative and loves making clay bracelets especially Taylor Swift-themed. So my husband contacted the headteacher and came up with the idea of selling them to support the school.

"She sold her first batch at the tuck shop last Friday, is selling more this Saturday at the school summer fair. We’ve also had many people messaging us on social media wanting to help out.”

Dorset Echo: Selection of bracelets created by Amelia WatersSelection of bracelets created by Amelia Waters (Image: Sophie Bird)

The mother of three shared a post on Facebook about her daughter's fundraiser. She described how sales have “taken off”, with over £140 raised for the school through sales so far. 

Sophie added: “We got a request from a lady who works for a charity for children in Ukraine and they have asked her to make a large number of brackets for rucksacks and care packages they are sending over and have donated extra money to her school fundraiser.”

“We are both really proud of her putting all her effort into it. She has really put her heart and soul into the project and the money for all the materials for the bracelets has come out of her own pocket money which is really sweet as well.”

Dorset Echo: Amelia holding one of her bracelets Amelia holding one of her bracelets (Image: Sophie Bird)

The school has shared its support of Amelia's efforts to help. 

Lorraine Llewellyn, deputy headteacher at Chickerell Primary Academy, said: “We are very proud of Amelia for making and selling her beautiful bracelets to raise money for our school; it is such a kind and thoughtful thing for her to do.

“We are also incredibly grateful for the generous donations of both money and resources for the children that our wonderful parents and local businesses have provided us with, during what is a challenging financial time for the school.”