A couple in their 70s have been left feeling ‘isolated’ and 'upset' by a bus company after losing an item of great sentimental value.

Janet Meachin, 76, and her partner Greg Nason, 71, who both live in Dorchester, were travelling home after an afternoon on the Portland Arts Trail.

They headed home on the 4.02pm First Bus from Victoria Square on Portland to the Kings’ Statue in Weymouth on Saturday, May 25.

According to the couple, as they were making their way to their seats, the driver ‘pulled away aggressively.’

Mr Nason said: “It wasn’t a busy bus. I got on and sat down first, but the driver pulled away aggressively before a mini roundabout and Janet tripped on the step. She was flung around and luckily managed to get a hold of the rails as she fell.”

Mrs Meachin was not hurt in the incident, but believes the bracelet was lost at the point where she grabbed the handrail to steady herself. 

Mr Nason did not approach the driver at the end of the journey, as according to him the drivers changed at the depot.

The bracelet is of important sentimental value to Mrs Meachin, as it is made from the gold that belonged to her late husband Peter, who passed away in 2009. This included both their wedding rings.

Mrs Meachin said: “My grandsons chose what thy wanted and with the rest, we had the bangle made.

“I’ve worn it every day for the last 16 years since he has passed away. It’s really important to me, and so special that it can’t be replaced. It’s never fallen off before and it has left me so upset."

(Image: Alfie Lumb) The couple retraced their steps and waited a week for the company to get in touch over their lost and found items before Mr Nason contacted the national office of First Bus, who helped them locate the precise bus they were travelling on. He has said that further correspondence with the company since has left him ‘frustrated.’

He said: “We enquired about whether we could see the CCTV as if we could see if the bracelet was on the bus when Janet got on, then we could go about looking for compensation.

“They replied that they will deal with the matter internally and we won’t be informed of the outcome. There just feels like a lack of compassion and I feel isolated and frustrated that there has been no feedback and we won't get any response.

“We don’t want anyone to lose their job over it- it’s just that with the complication of losing the bangle we would like an answer and outcome.”

The couple also tried retracing their steps along the Portland Art Trail in the hopes of finding the 9ct jewellery. 

(Image: Alfie Lumb) Mr Nason had put out an advert with the Echo for a week in attempts of getting lucky with a response from the public.  The bracelet was made by Horrocks and Webb jewellers in Blandford.

The pair are appealing for the return of the bracelet and are offering a £200 reward for anyone who finds it.

A First Wessex spokesperson said: "We have spoken to the driver and reviewed the CCTV with the time and date given by the customers. The driver was unaware of this taking place, and there is nothing on the footage that shows the incident the customer refers to.

"Our customer services team have also subsequently spoken to the customer regarding her lost property and informed her there was unfortunately no property match for her missing bracelet.”

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of the bracelet is urged to report it to the police under the reference DOR20240531-0469.