A cat in Dorset has been rehomed after the story of her life in care went viral on social media.

Sarina, a seven year-old cat in Dorchester, racked up a following online when a video promoting her adoption was posted onto the Taylor’s Rehoming Centre Tik Tok and Facebook.

She was brought into the Dorchester-based centre by one of the RSPCA’s inspectors after her owner was struggling to cope and care for her and her four kittens, along with adult cat, Leah.

According to the inspector, Sarina was found in a bath tub with her kittens and the house she originally came from and was suffering from a flea infection. She was suffering from a flea infestation.

(Image: Taylor's Rehoming Centre)

The cats were brought into Taylors Rehoming Centre, the RSPCA’s West Dorset branch, located in Dorchester. They are a self-funded charity raising money locally by relying on donations from supporters and funds raised through three charity shops.

In a bid to rehome Sarina, a social media video on the platform Tik Tok was released said that Sarina had been in the centre for 232 days after originally coming in with her kittens. In that time, she received no applications for adoption, whilst all other cats brought in with her found new forever homes.

@taylorsrehomingcentre We would love to find the perfect home for Sarina, could you be her perfect match? 💕 #adoptdontshop #adoptme #myfyp #fyp #animals ♬ Fix You - Instrumental Version - Immanuel Michaels


Now Hannah, an animal care assistant at the rehoming centre, has said that she has been rehomed, after the Tik Tok video garnished more than one million views and over 140k likes.

Asked why it took so long for Sarina to find a home, Hannah said: “We think as she was an older cat, seven years-old, this may have put people off. 

“Most people want to adopt a kitten or young cat so they have the most time with them as possible. However, at seven years of age a cat can still have many more years of good quality life, so it is a shame this can put people off.

“Another big factor in why Sarina may have been at the shelter longer could be her colour.

“Sadly black and white and black cats tend to be the least popular, we often hear people say they prefer a ginger or tabby cat for example, therefore the black and white cats can get overlooked.”

(Image: Taylor's Rehoming Centre) Hannah added that Sarina’s shy personality may have put people off as she said confident cats often get adopted faster.

She said: “Sarina is a very affectionate and friendly cat however can be nervous initially to people she doesn't know.

“This means when people visit the centre and view cats with a shy nature they do not get to see their true personality."

Sarina's new owner, Debbie Sear from the Weymouth area, said: "I was scrolling though Facebook one evening when I saw her video and it was so sad. No one wanted her. 

"I love black and white cats for their personality and I kept thinking about her. I spoke with my husband who knew I really liked her and went to pick her up.

"She's such a brilliant little cat, and is so affectionate. When I get up in the morning she slides along the kitchen floor into the dining room to play with her toys.

"She's perfect for me, and I don't think the fame from going viral has changed her," she joked.