An outdoor education centre in Weymouth is celebrating its 60th anniversary with a special open day.

Weymouth Outdoor Education Centre (WOEC) has been improving the lives of children and young people in Dorset across those years.

To celebrate the anniversary, the centre is hosting the open day on July 29, running from 10am until 3pm.  

Over the past 60 years, tens of thousands of children have been introduced to a brilliant range of outdoor education thanks to the centre. 

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Kayaking, rock climbing, coasteering and paddle boarding are just a few of the activities the centre can offer. 

Beyond offering high-adrenaline activities, the centre prides itself on fostering a love of the beautiful coastline that the activities are taking place on.  

The staff at the education centre are passionate about teaching more than outdoor skills, but also soft skills such as emotional resilience, overcoming fear and boosting self-confidence.  

William Lawrence started activities at the centre 50 years ago and has stayed on as an instructor ever since.

Kayaking with Weymouth Outdoor Education Centre Kayaking with Weymouth Outdoor Education Centre (Image: Dorset Council)

He said: “I feel very fortunate that my brother and I found the centre all those years ago.

"I started kayaking and found a great bunch of people who helped me improve and gave me the confidence to try other things. 

“I often think how lucky I was, and how differently things might have worked out for me if I hadn’t had those opportunities.  

“It doesn’t feel possible that I started 50 years ago and am still getting out paddling with groups, I really hope they get as much out of it as I did.” 

Schools from across Dorset have also benefited from the centre, with many opting to take their students along for away days.  

As well as school trips, the centre also offers holiday clubs, parties and even short breaks for carers. 

Anyone can attend the open day, paying just £5 to take part in a whole host of taster sessions including rock climbing, archery and indoor tunneling.  

Amanda Davis, corporate director for education and leaning at Dorset Council, added:  

“Congratulations to the Weymouth Outdoor Education Centre for reaching their 60th anniversary” 

“It’s great to hear that children and young people are being given an opportunity to safely explore and appreciate our wonderful Dorset coastline. 

“It’s so important that our children get to have these experiences, and I'm grateful to all the fabulous staff for helping make Dorset a great place to be a child”. 

Find out more about all the Weymouth Outdoor Education Centre has to offer at Weymouth Outdoor Education Centre (WOEC) - Dorset Council  and on their Facebook page at