An army of computer-savvy advisors is being recruited as a free training programme to help digitally-excluded residents is relaunched.

Open to any organisation in Dorset which works directly with residents, the ‘Embedded Digital Champion’ programme trains people who can champion online services to their users and customers.

The Dorset Council-run course has already trained 1,200 of the county’s frontline workers and it has now been relaunched as a partnership with Barclays Digital Wings.

Organisations across the county are being encouraged to find out how this course can help their staff and volunteers to become digital champions.

Dorset Council’s programme manager for digital skills and inclusion, Penny Syddall, said: “We are delighted to be teaming up with Barclays Digital Wings so we can reopen our embedded digital champion training programme to Dorset’s frontline workers.

“Whether it’s booking your doctor’s appointment or filling in an application form, so many things can now be done quickly and easily at a click of a few buttons or the touching of a screen.

“But although it’s easy and convenient for most of us, what we need to remember is there are some people who do not feel confident doing things online – and that’s where the embedded digital champions come in.

“Embedded digital champions will be able to assist customers there and then or, if needed, refer them on for extra support and advice.”

The embedded digital champion training provided by Barclays Digital Wings is done completely online and can be undertaken in a time frame that suits individual participants.

It follows the national ‘essential digital skills’ framework and will help participants improve their own digital skills.

It will also give them the tools needed to help their customers access online services.

Embedded digital champions will also be part of a Dorset-wide community and receive regular news, support and tips from Dorset Council’s digital skills team.

The initiative has already been successful and won the acclaimed ‘Digital Skills’ title at the Connected Britain awards in London in September of last year.

Any organisation or frontline worker that would like to find out more about the embedded digital champion training course can visit or email to be invited to a welcome session.